Welcome to MATEM UNIVERSITY a 21st century multidisciplinary University offering a variety of academic programmes through fulltime, part-time and Open Distance Learning (ODL)

As a higher learning institution, we are committed to contributing towards career development. We believe that a journey to career development begins here at MATEM. In the 4 years of our existence, we have trained and graduated many students who are now playing a critical role in both private and public sectors.

You can study at MATEM UNIVERSITY for any desired qualification ranging from certificate, diploma, degree, honors, master’s and doctoral qualifications. Our team of lecturers is drawn from the most reputable universities in Zambia and abroad, thus assuring quality and relevancy of our academic programmes.

In our quest for Excellence and Wisdom, we have an academic working group with responsibility of managing the academic affairs of the university. This group shall be closely monitored by the senate.

We belong to professional bodies which offer sound academic support and guidance in particular fields of study and research.  Professional bodies are taken into consideration where applicable. Purpose and outcomes of learning tasks are clear and available to student as to motivate the student to achieve academic success. The curriculum alignment (content, learning outcome teaching and learning strategies and assessment supports students to achieve the qualification they desire.

We have set aside scholarships for about 500 students in our 2019-2025 academic years. I wish to invite all school leavers, in-service personnel, and those wanting to further their studies to join the MATEM UNIVERSITY team.

We have an open door enrolment policy. Make the decision and become part of the MATEM family.